My name is Serenity and thank you for stopping by to check me out!
I have been playing 3DXChat for a while now
and I have really enjoyed the time spent and all the wonderful people from all over the world cumming
together and living a life not provided to us in reality. I have seen so much great creativety hopping around our great universe, and thank you to all that share their wonderful creations with us.
I have learned a great deal in the short time I have been playing and learn so much everyday.
  I RP as a Futa and am always in caracter when I am in world. Futa = Japanese word for female with male genitalia.
I do not speak about anything to do with IRL as I play to escape drama and do not need to make more for my life. I also host a forum, an alternative community for the members to go!
  That's it for now and I hope to see you sometime in world! Thanks for reading :D

                       3DX BD 4/20/20